Are you spending most of the time on social media?-check out the details!

Posted On By Matt Puckett

Social media is developed for catching entertainment in lives. But today, it has changed its direction. Not only for the entertainment purpose, but can one grab lots of other benefits also from it regarding their business, personal identities and others. But we all know that every coin has two sides the same goes with social media also. So taking its benefits or losses, it all depends on its usage. Using social media platforms is good, but excess using can create lots of problems also. Nowadays, most of the people are spending hours scrolling their timelines and doing unnecessary activities. If you are also one of them, who are spending their entire time on using social media then check out the details mentioned right below. We will cover some aspects which describes the results of using the extremely.

Hacking of accounts

On the social media platforms, the privacy gets leaked very easily. The technology has improved well, so hacking is also improved with that. This can create financial losses and personal data loss. It is the biggest risk of using social media, and it is advised to every social media user to stay away from the activities which can cause such accidents.


Addiction is a very common disadvantage of using social media leads to ruin the personal lives of people. Youth are attracted towards the social media networking site and using it for the entire time because of having an addiction to using it. First, they get involved in these activities extremely which cut them from society. Te excessive involvement in these platforms attracts the eyes of users and makes them addictive towards it.

Frauds and scams

Yes, it is true that nowadays many social media frauds and scams are occurring. There are many businesses opened on the social media networking site; they use to take money at first and later on do not provide the services. That is why; one should be aware of these scams and frauds and be alert always.

Ruins the reputation

Social media can make a reputation as well as it can ruin the reputation also within lesser time. If any false story gets created against you, then no one will go deep to find the truth. All people will think rubbish for the person just because of that false story.

Cheating in relationships

Today, most of the relationships get connected via these social media networking sites. But after sometime when the interest went then, they start cheating on their partners by providing wrong information to them. They show the fake feelings which can hurt the true feelings of the partner.

Health issues

By using social media for much time, it can cause health issues also. It leads to bringing negative impacts of the brain activities, and excessive sitting can bring the issue of obesity also.

Now take care of the time while using social media platforms. It is not claimed not to use these sites, as they can bring lots of benefits but make sure to use it just for entertainment.